HealthAbility™ Wellness Program

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HealthAbility™, a Sodexo Senior Services wellness program, is a way of life at Elim Park Place. It is a comprehensive approach to wellness designed to keep residents independent and to maximize their quality of life.

Wellness is about taking care of the mind, body and spirit. There are eight components of HealthAbility™ at Elim Park: physical, nutritional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, emotional and community outreach. Making a conscious decision to focus on these components is the key to complete wellness.

The wellness model is a proactive approach to health and well-being. It is quite different from the medical model which is reactive. HealthAbility's™ comprehensive program calls for Elim Park's staff to work together to understand how the different components impact total wellness and to encourage residents to take the proactive path.

Wellness permeates all aspects of life at Elim Park. The Wellness Center, with its strenth and cardiovascular equipment, indoor pool, exercise room and more, is an excellent facility to improve physical wellness, but it is also a place for gathering which addresses social wellness. A variety of social opportunities are available to Elim Park residents to connect with each other and the community.

Addressing spiritual needs has always been a part of life at Elim Park. As a Christian community, the Center for Worship and Performing Arts fulfills those needs and incorporates other aspects of wellness. For example, the center allows Elim Park to offer a greater number and variety of programs that are intellectually, spiritually and socially stimulating. View Nelson Hall Events »

Elim Park recognizes nutritional wellness with Perfect Balance, a dining experience that offers flavorful yet nutritious menu items. Nutrition education is also provided to make residents aware of the importance of eating properly. View our Dining Services »

Both the Wellness Center and The Center for Worship and Performing Arts are examples of Elim Park's commitment to its residents and their well-being. HealthAbility™ will continue to grow as we create a wellness culture that encourages residents to live the best quality of life possible.

Wellness Assessment

The Healthability Wellness Assessment provides a personalized and confidential tool that can help to determine your top health priorities and the best steps for making wellness improvements.  Click on www.Healthability.net and type in the access code “elimparkguest” to take the Wellness Assessment and search the Healthability website for the latest health and wellness information.

Healthability & Wellness Newsletter

Click here to read and/or download copies of our Healthability newsletter that are available in pdf format.

If you are interested in learning more about health and wellness at Elim Park, please call Barbara Womer, Director of Wellness today at 203-272-3547 extension 371.